Welcome to the Town of Mayerthorpe

Mayerthorpe is proud of its community.  Surrounded by picturesque rolling hills, steeped in rich agricultural history, and bustling with friendly businesses and engaging recreational activities – this town truly is Everybody’s Community. 

Many have chosen Mayerthorpe as a place to live because of its friendly and quiet nature while still being close to major forestry and oilfield activities. You will enjoy the friendliness offered by local businesses and the sense of community enhanced by our numerous organizations, clubs and recreation.

But don’t just take our word for it – stop by and see for yourself.  Check out our Events Calendar, recreational activities or Business Directory to get started.

Remember that you can always Contact Us whenever you have any questions or concerns!

Fire Hydrant and Line Flushing June 17, 2019

The Town is performing fire hydrant and line flushing.  Fire hydrants and lines are being flushed to remove sediment (minerals) from the water distribution system.  Citizens may experience fluctuations in water pressure and discoloration in water.  Please take necessary precautions when washing clothes.  Water samples are taken weekly at multiple points throughout the treatment and distribution system to ensure that water is safe to consume.  Water samples are sent to Alberta Health and the results are publicly posted on http://environment.alberta.ca/apps/RegulatedDWQ/.  Other factors throughout the year can cause fluctuations in water pressure and diminished water quality including power outages, large draws on water (fires, water main breaks, etc.), fire hydrant flushing, water well repair and maintenance, low water tables with high mineral content, recharging of green sand filters, etc.