Cowboy Trail

New Tourist Attraction – Cowboy Trail Storyboard

As you drive along Highway 22, take notice of the new Cowboy Trail sign!

The history of the Cowboy Trail: In the early 1880’s, cowboys were drawn to the eastern slopes of Alberta’s Rocky Mountains because of the moderate climate and the vast rangelands that were ideal for cattle.  This “Cowboy Trail” snakes along Highways 5, 6, and 22 and goes through the heart of the Town of Mayerthorpe, ending approximately 6 km north of Mayerthorpe.

The newly installed attraction includes a custom metal sign designed by local artist, Tom Johansson. You’ll also find a brief description of The Cowboy Trail and the “Cowboy’s Prayer for the End of the Trail”, taken from “The Cowboy Trail, A Guide to Alberta’s Historic Cowboy Country” by D. Larraine  Andrews.  For more information on the Cowboy Trail please visit