Property Taxes



Your assessment and tax notice covers the period from January 1 – December 31 of the current year.

2019 Property Tax Rates


                                                                      Residential     Commercial   Industrial

Municipal Tax Rate                                       10.04106            19.99831             19.99831

School                                                            2.69667             3.85366                 —

Senior Foundation                                        0.22327             0.22327                0.22327

Total Property Tax Rate                             12.96100       24.07524          20.22158


Property Taxes are calculated using the following formula:

            Assessed Property Value X Total Mill Rates/1000 = Annual Taxes

Despite the calculated tax rate, in accordance with Section 357, the minimum amount payable as property tax for general municipal purposes shall be $858.00 for residential property and $1,716.00 for commercial properties. Minimum amount payable as property tax for general municipal purposes shall be $525.00 per designated manufactured home located in the manufactured home community.

Property Assessments

Property Assessments are completed annually to reflect current market values.  The Town’s Assessor evaluates properties based on a number of variables. Including lot and home size.

If you do not agree with the assessment and wish to file a complaint, you must complete the following complaint form and send it in along with the appropriate fee to:

Town of Mayerthorpe
Box 420
Mayerthorpe, AB
T0E 1N0

For information on what assessment fee would apply to your property, contact the tax clerk at


Please be advised the deadline for filing an assessment complaint is July 2, 2019

An appeal against your assessment does not exempt you from paying on time or from late payment penalties.

Tax Payment and Billing Procedures

Taxes are due on or before June 30 annually, unless June 30th falls on a statutory holiday or weekend, then the due date will be the next business day.  Please allow adequate mailing time to avoid late payment penalties.   In accordance with the Municipal Government Act, payments will be considered paid on time if received at the Town Office by 4:30 pm; postmarked by Canada Post ; or processed by a financial institution on or before the due date. If a Canada Post postmark is absent or illegible, the date received by the Town of Mayerthorpe will be considered the payment date.  If your payment arrives after the due date there will be a 12% payment late charge applied to your tax roll.

Property Tax Payments can be made:

–          In person – at the Town Office, Monday – Friday between 8:30am and 4:30pm.  Cash, cheque and interac are accepted methods of payment.

–          By mail – Town of Mayerthorpe, Box 420, Mayerthorpe, AB T0E 1N0.

–          By using the after-hours drop box – Payments made by cheque can be deposited in the drop box at the front entrance of the Town Office.

–          By post dated cheque.

–          By your mortgage company – If your mortgage company is paying your taxes, the mortgage company will receive a report for your taxes and you will receive the original tax notice for your records.  The tax notice will show the name of your mortgage company.  If the mortgage company does not appear on the notice and you believe it should, contact your mortgage company immediately.

–          By a financial institution.

Property owners are ultimately responsible for ensuring that property taxes are paid on time.  If you have chosen to pay your property taxes through a mortgage company or financial institution, it is recommended that you verify with them that your taxes will be paid in full, and on time.

Pre-authorized Payment Plan

The Pre-Authorized Tax Payment Plan is an easy way to pay your property taxes.  It allows you to pay your taxes in twelve monthly installments instead of a single large payment.  It makes budgeting easier and helps you avoid missed payments or late payment penalty charges.

Tax Instalment Payment Plan Agreement

Pre-Authorized Tax Payment Application Form

To cancel your enrollment in the Pre-Authorized Payment plan, please complete the form below and hand it in to the Tax Clerk at the Town Office

Pre-Authorized Tax Payment Cancellation Form

In accordance with Section 311 of the Municipal Government Act, this is to advise Town of Mayerthorpe property owners, both residents and businesses, that assessment and tax notices have been mailed out for the 2019 taxation year. If you own property in the Town of Mayerthorpe and have not received a notice, please contact the Town Office at 780-786-2416. Failure to receive a tax notice does not exempt you from late penalties.

Please note that the 2019 taxes are due and payable by July 2, 2019 Any current tax accounts that remain unpaid after July 2, 2019, will be subject to a 12% penalty.

For your convenience, we accept cash, cheque and debit payments at the Town Office. Payments may also be made online or by telephone banking. For your peace of mind, feel free to drop off postdated cheques dated for July 2, 2019 at the Town Office.

Please be advised the deadline for filing an assessment complaint is July 2, 2019.

Please be aware that the procedure for filing an assessment complaint changed in 2010.  A complaint must be submitted in writing on the prescribed complaint form   The complaint must be accompanied by the appropriate fee.  A complaint must be filed with the Town of Mayerthorpe at Box 420, Mayerthorpe, AB T0E 1N0.

A complaint may be made about any of the following matters as shown on an assessment or tax notice: (a) the description of a property or business (b) the name and mailing address of an assessed person or taxpayer (c) an assessment (d) an assessment class (e) an assessment sub – class (f) the type of property (g) the type of improvement (h) school support (i) whether the property is assessable (j) whether the property or business is exempt from taxation under Part 10. (k) any extent to which property is exempt from taxation by a bylaw under Section 364.1. (l) whether the collection of tax on the property is deferred under a bylaw under section 364.1.

Pursuant to Sections 299 and 300 of the Municipal Government Act , all assessed persons are entitled to see or receive sufficient information about the persons property or the summary of assessment.  All  requests for information regarding the property or summary of assessment should be done by calling the Town Office.

Feel Free to pick up a copy of the “Guide to Property Assessment and Taxation in Alberta” from the Town Office which may be helpful if you have any questions.  If returning payment by mail, please detach the bottom portion of this tax notice and return with your cheque.  Cheques should be made payable to the Town of Mayerthorpe.